Client: Chris Griffen at Unique Landscapes/Unique Custom Pools LLC
Relationship: Colleage
Project Date: Multiple

When it comes to truly custom rock creations,  there is really only one artist that meets our expectations, and that’s Ryan with The Rock Star Gallery.  Ryan &  his team are always pushing the envelope for our clients with unique fountains & exotic rock features that are truly “one-of-a-kind”.  I’m always amazed at some of the new concepts he comes up with, and it’s all out of natural stone… simply amazing!  

Check out a project we did in Gilbert, AZ for a resort backyard using one of Ryan’s “glowing” fountains.

Client: Josh Pineda at Yardman Landscaping
Relationship: Colleage
Project Date: Multiple
I have been doing business with Rockstar for that past (however long you’ve been open) years. My company has installed dozens of fountains over the last seven years with 100% satisfied customers, including friends and family. Ryan and his team have a fantastic eye for style and the right stone in the right spot. The quality and beauty of their products are unmatched.
Client: Archeo Architects
Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: September 2015
The Rock Star Gallery was hired to produce an indoor fountain from a single piece of onyx which would become the focal point of a Life Celebration chapel. The fountain has become a highlight of the space, garnering as many comments as the architecture itself. The subtle sound of the running water combined with the glow from within the onyx, produced by color changing LEDs inserted into the rock, adds another layer to the chapel's experience. The client was exceedingly happy with how the piece turned out.