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Blue Onyx, aka Argentine Aquamarine Onyx Fountains

The rarest stone that we use is an Aquamarine Onyx from Argentina. Blue is rarely seen in onyx, and this source has chaotic red and orange oxidized veining. Clearer and whiter bands of chalcedony stack layers in silica and quartz inter growths. Have I lost you yet? All that is...

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Sold fire fountains

The fire fountains are the newest hybrid at The Rock Star Gallery. Fire on water is pretty sick, and some lucky dude in California is putting this piece in his entry way. We are getting into fire tables and sconces too. Anybody out there have an idea for a water fire...

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Sunrise Onyx is the cooooolest.

Its actually the warmest. The warmest color stone is Sunrise Onyx, and it is the most popular fountain. We make other home decor items too, but the fountains are what people dig the most. Its because we put LED lights on the inside, and they glow at night. If you...

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