Below please find some of the most common questions clients have regarding The Rock Star Gallery's stone infinity fountains, installation, and maintenance in gardens and homes. If your question is not answered below, we encourage you to get in touch!

Your purchase with The Rock Star Gallery® includes your one of a kind fountain, stainless steel stand (when required), and a fountain kit upon request. The fountain kit includes everything needed for installation; an appropriately sized reservoir, a pump, corrugated tubing with a ball valve, and appropriate size/quantity of CMU block.

The weight of the fountains varies by stone type, design, and dimensions.

We recommend installation with two people for increased safety. For larger pieces, heavy equipment may be required for installation.

The fountain kit you receive from The Rock Star Gallery® includes everything needed to have your fountain running the day you receive your shipment. Please refer to our fountain installation video and diagram.

Nope. We include a reservoir and pump with your fountain purchase. We have tested a number of different systems, and our reservoir and pump combination is the best available.

We have 3 different sizes of reservoirs available and will provide you with the appropriate size necessary for your fountain. The dimensions available are 27" x 27" x 12", 39" x 39" x 12" and 51" x 51" x 12."


Our pumps are sized according to the needs of your fountain. The pumps range from 500 - 2,500 gph, require a standard 110 volt outlet, and are low energy use.

The Rock Star Gallery® ships worldwide. Our crating system exceeds industry freight standards and we guarantee safe arrival and insure all shipments.

We source rough stone from around the world to find the rarest and most beautiful specimens. We then hand-craft each piece with care and skill at our studio in New Mexico.

Some of our fountains are lit from within. This feature is only available for fountains made from semi-translucent stone types (e.g., Sunrise Onyx, Sea of Cortez Onyx, Verde Canyon Onyx). We insert 12volt, waterproof, LED lighting into additional chambers within the fountain, requiring 110volt outlet for power. This provides a fantastic glow that appears in low and no light conditions. These fountains also include remote control and color-changing features for the LED lighting.

Very little maintenance is required for your fountain. Our reservoirs and mesh/landscaping rock greatly limit water waste through evaporation as there is no open pool. Water can be filled periodically as the level in the reservoir goes down. This can be accomplished by hand via garden hose or by tying in an irrigation line to the basin and attaching a float valve. You may also see algae form on your fountain in warmer months. An algaecide treatment is available at any hardware store at low cost. Add this to the water in the reservoir periodically as the need arises.

Our reservoir design does not have an open pool of water so increases in mosquitos as might be seen with other fountain types is unlikely to occur.

Winterization of your fountain or draining of the basin is not required. However, in regions that experience hard freezes, once freezing weather begins, simply turn off the fountain until warmer temperatures return. This could be as soon as the following morning, or may be several months, depending on your location.

Mineral deposits from hard water can occur on dry areas of fountains as water evaporates. The Rock Star Gallery® fountains are designed to have 100% water coverage over the fountain, thus very limited risk for mineral deposits due to hard water are expected.

Yes, there are two ways to adjust the flow of water over your fountain. The pump included with your fountain has a ball valve that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow of water over your fountain. Additionally, we recommend that the corrugated tubing and stopper inside your fountain is placed 4” from the top of your fountain, however adjusting this height can change the visual aesthetic from the top of your fountain.

We do not provide the landscaping rock that goes on top of the grating. You will want to acquire this on your own at a local hardware store, landscape supply, or stone yard to match your personal landscaping design.