Available Stone

Click on the examples below to view the available pieces from The Rock Star Gallery



Rare Stone Fountains

Unique rare stone fountains are skillfully created by our talented staff. These works are first hand selected at mines and quarries for their one-of-a-kind features. Sculptural accents and highlights are crafted to bring you the highest quality water features in the country.


Rare Stone Fountain Columns and Triple Sets

The stone column fountains come in standard height and form. Natural characteristics and patterns are featured in these remarkable pieces. Each fountain is individually hand crafted at the studio and is made to last a lifetime.


Rare Stone Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps created from our rare stones would be superb accents to your home. Each piece is singular to the pattern of the stone. Different stones and the quantity of the wicks are available. Oil and applicator are included.

Rare Stone Wine Bottle Holders

These come in various sizes and types of stone. Sunrise Onyx, Black Canyon Onyx, Picture Rock Sandstone, and Grand Canyon Red Onyx are among the available stones. Designs are created from one to twelve bottles, but pieces can be fashioned for additional bottles as part of custom projects. We can work with whatever are your needs.