Ryan Steffens Founder of The Rock Star Gallery

Ryan Steffens, Owner and Artist | The Rock Star Gallery®

Most days find artist, Ryan Steffens, at The Rock Star Ranch. A rustic property off the beaten path where passion for making stone sculptures comes to life. The Rock Star Gallery® began over 15 years ago in the heart of New Mexico. Ryan comes from a background in landscape design and saw the potential for dramatic visual effects of stone within landscape installations. As Ryan’s projects have grown over nearly two decades, his audience has grown too. Now, The Rock Star Gallery’s designs include largescale gemstone Infinity Fountains, wine racks, stone furniture and décor and Radiant Rock wall panels.

At The Rock Star Gallery® there is not only a passion for creating works of art that are functional and beautiful, but also a focus on the client. We strive to ensure that you find your own cherished stonework to be appreciated for generations. By carefully sourcing the perfect specimen to sculpt each design, The Rock Star Gallery® brings the natural elements of earth, water, fire and light together to create living art to grace your most treasured spaces.