Yaking with The Rock Star

Blue Onyx, aka Argentine Aquamarine Onyx Fountains

The rarest stone that we use is an Aquamarine Onyx from Argentina. Blue is rarely seen in onyx, and this source has chaotic red and orange oxidized veining. Clearer and whiter bands of chalcedony stack layers in silica and quartz inter growths. Have I lost you yet? All that is to say that we find the rarest stones around without pricing you out. Big chunks of this are near impossible to come by in the US, and the blue onyx from Asia is a whole lot duller than what we get. The largest pieces we can get reach just over 3 foot and we are negotiating getting bigger pieces from South America. It has to be flown, not floated up here adding to the care with which it is transported.


 Our fountains are created to be in all climates and seasons to accent your lifestyle. During colder months when seeing frozen temperatures, no maintenance is required other than shutting off the pump. The rare stones are beautiful in any season and will continue to be for generations to come. The Aquamarine Onyx is unparalleled in its beauty, and no one but The Rock Star Gallery can produce this type of artwork.

Love stone as much as we do? Let us know how you would like to see the Argentine Aquamarine onyx introduced in your space, or other stones that turn you on.




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Sold fire fountains

The fire fountains are the newest hybrid at The Rock Star Gallery. Fire on water is pretty sick, and some lucky dude in California is putting this piece in his entry way. We are getting into fire tables and sconces too. Anybody out there have an idea for a water fire feature for their home? We will get it going for you. All of our pieces transform space, offering natural elements to compliment and calm your person. The sounds of water and the meditative dance of a fire brings senses to another place altogether, kind of like this bitchin water fire ying yang.


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Sunrise Onyx is the cooooolest.

Its actually the warmest. The warmest color stone is Sunrise Onyx, and it is the most popular fountain. We make other home decor items too, but the fountains are what people dig the most. Its because we put LED lights on the inside, and they glow at night. If you are in a climate that has snow and ice, the lights add another element to your winter scene. See the portfolio



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Blog spot for The Rock Star Gallery

Hello collectors, collectors to be, and admirers. The Rock Star Gallery is going to get you stoked on some newer stuff, older stuff and cool things we find. First, here is a look at the saw we use. Its like a giant band saw that has a diamond coated cable. We buzz through anything with this puppy. Its favorite thing to chop up is Salt River Sandstone. So hot right now.


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